Reflective Study Program

Open Meeting | Portuguese | Thursday 19:00-21:30pm

The program provides a didactic study guide of the Spiritist Doctrine, including the divine laws and practice of the virtues. The program is designed to be performed in fraternal groups for the discussion and reflection of God’s teachings and application of those in our lives.


The Reflective Study Program is composed by the books: (1) A presença amorosa de Deus em nossas vidas, (2) O significado das leis divinas em nossas vidas, (3) A presença amorosa de Jesus em nossas vidas, (4) Introdução ao Estudo Reflexivo da Doutrina Espírita. We are current studying the first book, A presença amorosa de Deus em nossas vidas.


Open Meeting | English | Sunday 10:30-12:00

The Seminars are dedicated to the general public. A large diversity of topics, which goes from history of Spiritist to mediumship are presented in a dynamic way. All themes are discussed according to Spiritist Doctrine teachings.  The Seminars are a safe and informal environment to discuss the selected topics.


Open | All Languages | After Every Meeting

A Spiritist “passe” is a therapeutic technique that helps balance one's energy and assist in the healing processes. The incarnated donor works as an intermediary, combining and redirecting his/her energies with the energies produced by the good spirits.

Cinema & Study

Open Meeting | English | Offered Sporadically

Cinema & Study shows a different perspective of movies from the Spiritist point of view.

Self-confidence, perseverance, commitment, loyalty, violence, suffering, life and death, reincarnation, karma are some of the subjects discussed.

This activity happens sporadically. When scheduled, the details of the event are included on the above calendar.

Systematic Study of Spiritism

Open Meeting | English | Acording to Demand

The main purpose of this course is to build up a broad understanding of the Systematic Study of Spiritism principles according to Kardec; and to encourage that the knowledge acquired is used in the daily routine and individual moral transformation. Accordingly, the interested person has an opportunity to build up a main understanding of the scientific, moral and philosophical aspects of Spiritism.

This is a yearlong course, and it is offered according to demand. This course is not currently being offered.

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